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About Carolyn Pierotti

I was born in 1968 in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.  I grew up in a mill town where the arts were not in my reach.  In my 20's I moved to the city of Pittsburgh, where I was engaged in and with the art community.  When I turned 40 I decided to go back to school at Carlow University for my first love.... painting.  I currently live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my husband Dino and three wonderful children.  I hope you have enjoyed my work and I'm thrilled that you stopped by!  I work primarily with acrylics and sometimes work unusual materials into my paintings.  I have being showing my work in the Region for approximately three years.  I've been published, have received awards for my work, and I've been a guest speaker in the Pittsburgh Area.  I am on the exhibitions committee for the Pittsburgh Society of Artists and I'm now a teaching artist for Gateway to the Arts.  I generally photograph my subjects and go from there!  If you are interested in my work, refer to my contact page.  I also commission and I'm available for private lessons.

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